Friday, April 10, 2009

To Blog or Not To Blog? And what to Blog about?

My wife asked me to explain everything I know about blogs because, apparently, her company was going to start a blog. It made me question why and what for people blog, and I decided a company blog, in most cases, is utterly useless.

But it also made me question why I blog, which is one reason I haven't done so regularly lately. I always feel like there needs to be a hook - a reason for my existence in the blogosphere. And my original reason seems outdated, or at least unfocused, after beginning grad school. I am trying to focus, but have not been that lucky yet. So - while I continue to ponder my own why's - here's something completely unrelated. And, I think, awesome.

We watched "Iron Man" with Robert Downey Jr. today. Enjoyed it. May blog about it somehow. But not today. Today - it made me think of the worst animation for a superhero cartoon superhero show ever. The old Marvel Superhero Show - or whatever the name was. But they had awesome opening tunes.

I give you - the cocktail hour theme song for: IRON MAN.

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