Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chicago Farmer: Through the Country Like a Feather

Putting on the Film Producer hat right now and trying to get a documentary on Chicago Farmer off the ground. Chicago Farmer is a folk singer and storyteller from a small town in Illinois - Delavan, population 25 - who moved to Chicago - population 2.8 million + - for a few years. Now he's somewhere in between. But you listen to his songs and you soon realize that no matter you're from, or where you are now, a human being is a human being.

To get this project into production, we are looking to raise a little backing money. We're doing ok right now, but would like to raise some more. Please go the director's blog to donate directly through Paypal - you can get a copy of the film, screen thanks or producing credit, depending on your donation interest. Or you can contact me directly for more information.

Why folk music in 2010? Well, from Murray Lerner's oddly awesome documentary about the Newport Folk Festival, Festival!: "You see I, I have a feeling about the people here. I have a feeling that although they're united in their interest in folk music that they're not, that it's not a leveling process, that it just, it serves to allow them to become more themselves. Folk music is, is really, the personification of a human being extending his hand to another human being, without losing any of his dignity. If you feel this way about it, walk with us."

And we ask that you walk with us - donate if you can, at least listen to some beautiful songs if you can't.

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