Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Satantango, Disc 2

It is only appropriate that for any discussion of the second disc of this seven hour film the graphic used is of this young girl. She is tragically deviant, yet, quite probably, a victim of the backsliding adults that surround her.

Satantango has proven to be a film of the Wasteland, modern society in all its decay, with relationships broken, mangled and torn, and the landscape devoured by the endless rains.

Again, Tarr's long takes are masterful cinema (this is must viewing for anyone in film, cinematographers at the top of the list, if only to see the visuals unfold) - and the black and white proves, as usual, to be artistically evocative and downright beautiful. And it says a lot, because the beauty here is only in the eye, the visual, the shot.

I am not quite sure what Disc 3 holds. For now, I will say that Disc 2 brought the following films to mind: Werner Herzog's "Even Dwarfs Started Small" and the low-budget horror classic, "Carnival of Souls". If you know these films, you know something really crazy is going on here.

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