Friday, March 25, 2011

The Incident at Tower 37

This fine short film really caught me off-guard, being a great example of what animation can do best: show "the other" as either being more like us than we usually think, or showing "the other" as being not like us but still completely, utterly valid. So many works do the former; showing others in a non-human way is much more rare. This film from Christ Perry at Bit Films is a beautiful example of that validity.

I think this is part of what Hayao Miyazaki does so very well. Totoro, the Ohmu, his landscapes in general really, are all alive in their own way, all definitely non-human. Maintaining that non-human quality while still allowing us to relate is animation's secret weapon.

Imagining just another human piece of the puzzle is how we maintain our dominant outlooks and attitudes. Imagining a fish out of water can tell us so much more.

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