Sunday, February 14, 2016

Animation for Adults

My posting output here at Beyond the Veil has been sporadic rather than "periodic" as my tag-line suggests! My writing - when I have gotten to it - has been mostly about animation. This is because one of my goals has been to open a cinema dedicated to screening animation. Naturally, I have been calling it The Animation Theater. But finances available to open a specialty theater - which is really a unique idea - and one featuring animation - an art form that in many ways is under-represented and perhaps somewhat misunderstood - have been hard to consolidate. So, though I still hope to achieve it someday, the opening of The Animation Theater is not happening any time soon! (If you are interested in the idea, email me...)

In the meantime, I have begun doing some writing for the Animation for Adults blog and hope to continue to do so for as long as they will have me! This is a natural fit, as all the folks associated with the blog and associated podcast are interested in animation as an art form and for the stories being told in the form. Please come by and check this site out. For Beyond the Veil, this is probably a hiatus, possibly permanent, but we shall see.