Saturday, January 28, 2017

Everything I Needed to Know About Life (I Learned from Marvel Comics)

I recently self-published "Everything I Needed to Know About Life (I Learned from Marvel Comics)" through You can read an excerpt, “The Hate-Monger, the Myths of Marvel Comics, and Our Current Political Landscape” here. It's self-published because academic publishers found it too personal and publishing with the majors these days is almost by invite only. Focused on five Marvel Comics (Thor, The Invaders, What If?, The Human Fly, and The Eternals, as well as the Marvel house 'zine, FOOM) from the summer of 1977 through 1978, I explore how Marvel stories functioned as myths for me. The time frame follows a school year and the Marvel comics are examined in the context of other myths being transmitted into my seventh grade life; for me, these included myths of religion, history, family, neighborhood, and popular culture. The book came out of one chapter in my dissertation in which I examined how superhero comics used the structures of comics to create very specific kinds of myths.